Personal Insolvency

Bradley Haynes Law offer a full service to individuals on all aspects of insolvency law.

It is well known that in the current economic climate increasing numbers of business and individuals are facing financial difficulties. Our solicitors understand the difficulties facing directors and individuals when insolvent situations arise.

It is imperative when the threat of insolvency is hanging over you that you take immediate expert advice on your situation.  By acting quickly you may be able to resolve a situation that could quickly turn into you having bankruptcy proceedings brought against you.

Bradley Haynes Law offer a fixed fee, no obligation, face-to-face 30 minute meeting where one of our experienced solicitors will be able to provide you with initial advice tailored to your specific circumstances.

Our team is able to advise individuals with personal debt problems who may be facing the threat of bankruptcy if they do not pay what they owe to their creditors.  It is becoming increasingly common for people to face debt problems; with credit from many different sources easily accessible, a person’s debts can quickly increase and repayments may not easily be met.

By acting quickly at the right time a personal bankruptcy can often be avoided.  Problems with personal debt usually arise when you are unable to meet the monthly repayments on your mortgage, rent or credit cards.  Creditors may threaten court action to recover the sums owed or bankruptcy proceedings by serving a statutory demand.

Although problems in repaying your debts can arise from a number of different reasons the effects are the same.  It can cause stress, sleepless nights and can cause your relationships to breakdown.  Common reasons of financial problems are that you may have been made redundant or you have become ill and are unable to work.  Alternatively, you may have taken out too much credit and are struggling to repay it all on top of rising living costs.

No matter what the reason for your financial problems, Bradley Haynes Law are the solicitors that can help.

If you are currently going through the bankruptcy process, our solicitors will be able to advise you on your options.  This may include alternative options such as negotiation with creditors or Individual Voluntary Arrangements where it is possible to write off a large proportion of your debts.  If you have been made bankrupt there are circumstances where this can be reversed and your bankruptcy can be annulled.  Our solicitors are experienced in all aspects of personal insolvency law and our advice can be invaluable in such circumstances.

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